Mobile Banking 2.0
Rewards in cryprocurrency

The project is now adapted in a coopertion with official FinTech Banks.

The only globally accepted credit card that converts your (crypto)currencies in real time with cashback incentives built in


Buy and spend cryptocurrencies with a physical card and mobile app in the real world.

Our Digital Aureus make it possible to convert & spend your cryptocurrencies directly with a physical credit card or mobile app that is accepted all over the world.

Digital Aureus is a cryptocurrency for everyday use, backed by a secure and real time conversion system that accepts other cryptocurrencies, this is paired with a MasterCard (Debit card) that is globally accepted.

This allows our users spend their cryptocurrencies instantly just like you do now with your current traditional currencies. It will be easy to quickly transfer resources from one traditional currency to another, and more importantly, to crypto-currencies.

Moreover, our fast conversion system (facilitated by blockchain technology and our platform that combines a secure back-end infrastructure with a highly understandable interface) will make sure to substantially reduce transaction costs and therefor allow us to have a cashback system built in. This way our customers enjoy more benefits when spending their crypto currencies all over the world.

This is all made possible by our cryptocurrency called Digital Aureus. DA is powered by an ERC223 compliant and is based on Ethereum.

Buy and spend crypto currencies with a physical card in the real world.
A digital world where you can converts your (crypto)currency in real time with cashback incentives built in

Digital Aureus simplifies crypto use for every day purchases and rewards the users when purchasing with the globally accepted credit card.


  • Transfer funds instantly to other DA account holders anywhere in the world FREE!
  • Store, transfer, and exchange your Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, ETH OR DA Coin Instantly
  • The Digital Aureus card simplifies crypto use for every day purchases
  • Our goal is to help people use cryptocurrencies in their daily life just like they do with Fiat currencies


  • Pay or withdraw anywhere MasterCard are accepted
  • DA Coin does NOT need to be converted to fiat money until an actual transaction happens, in which case such conversion will be conducted in real-time

Equity-based Crowdfunding

The opportunity to invest in the growth of DA’s price.

Offering a crowd sale instead of a traditional venture capital round enables the community to participate in Digital Aureus success story, rather than limiting it to small, selected number of venture capital funds. Furthermore, by giving back DA tokens to users whenever they use the DA Mastercard, they will benefit from DA´s future success.

Fast / Real time

Transactions within seconds at real time rates


Top of the line security and anonymity

No Fees

Send/receive coins without fees

Easy to use

Send or receive with just one click


Uses ETH Blockchain ERC 223

Pay with your card

anywhere in the world.

Support cryptocurrencys like Bitcoin or Ethereum