The Digital Aureus Card gives you flexibility, security, and spending power.

DA MasterCard is a revolutionary credit card that allows real time conversion at the moment of the payment from cryptocurrencies to Fiat but not before.


Discover endless possibilities with Cryptopay

  • A secure currency for transactions and shopping anywhere.
  • Accepted anywhere mastercard is accepted
  • No activation fee. no credit check. No bank account. No commission. No conversion fees
  • Real exchange rates every time you spend
  • Works offline and online and internationally / Easy apply
  • Money grow`s by staking on their account
  • Use it at 30+ million ATMs and 200 countries worldwide for cash withdraw
  • Use cards at 30+ million sites and shops worldwide
  • High deposit and withdrawal limits

Spend the DA like you how you spend your local currency.

Based on Ethereum Secure wallet

Keep your DA cryptocurrency securely for further use in the ethereum wallet

Join our Rewards and earn money

Getting rewards is easy – you just have to shop with Digital Aureus MasterCard.