The simplest way to spend cryptocurrencies

A cryptocurrency that allows instant conversion from other (crypto-)currencies paired with a globally accepted Credit card, which you can use at every credit card acceptance point and ATM.

We believe in decentralisation of cryptocurrencies,

absence of control by any central authorities without borders, regulation and restrictions. The exchange of cryptocurrency may be carried out directly between persons without intermediaries.

Send currency internationally

Send cryptocurrencies faster (in a few minutes) and free to anyone in the world with internet access. Forget about waiting days to receive your funds.

No bank account

No problem. The recipients can order a DA MasterCard and instantly withdraw money they've received as cryptocurrency from any ATM or credit card acceptance point.

POS “Mining“

DA give the power to the stoke holder of community. The users can participate in crypto-mining without huge investments in hardware and technology.: the PoS System.


Lower fees, and no commissions for the transaction of DA Cryptocurrency.


Globally accepted payment card Securely keep your cryptocurrency and other currencies in one account, with a physical card for ease of use. Global access with your card at more than 36 million points of acceptance online and offline in close to 200 countries.

Price Gain

The more you use your card the more you participate in the price increase on the stock exchange