How DA-Pay Works


They’re designed to make it easier to directly spend your cryptocurrencies as needed, even if a merchant doesn’t accept cryptocurrency payments.


How to buy tokens

  • DA Tokens are available  for BTC, ETH, EUR
  • DA Tokens will be transfered to users’ accounts in time
  • Keep your coins and spend them just when needed
  • The minimum transaction amount is EUR 500,-
  • The maximum transaction amount is unlimited

How do our credit cards work?

  • Our credit  cards work just like any credit  card. You can swipe them at card terminals to buy things in-store, use them to withdraw cash at ATMs and enter their numbers when shopping online.
  • We convert your coin into the local fiat currency on the spot. Every card has a dedicated address for blockchain assets.
  • Your DA Card seamlessly links to your DA.
  • You don`t need to store your coins in a separat Wallet.

Access, invest in, and receive tokens from crowdsale

How to get your Ether Wallet

Choose you Wallet

We recommend the Ethereum Wallet. But you can take each other ERC223 compatible wallet.
You find follow the Videotutorial about the installation.

How to set up an Ethereum wallet

Only one point left

Click on the button below to go to the website of Ethereumwallet.
Do it then as well as in the video.