The Team

Our Team of ambitious experts have joined forces to develop an unprecedented Cryptocurrency. The team wants to do something great and we have the right idea at the right time. A Currency that is not only usable, but also offers a new ``payment solution``. Our team consists of ambitious specialists, experts in banking, credit products sales, blockchain solutions, marketing and IT developers to lay the base for exponential growth. We have great experience in building relationships with banks and payment gateways, establishing international partnerships, and have already done so, while managing liquidity, working with regulators, analysing markets, developing trading systems, and growing a dedicated user base.

Who owns (. ch)? (. ch) the used domain name is. Registers and was / is the site by members of the community, with the input of the community be encouraged and, if necessary, enforced the optimizations... is not an official Web site. Just as no one the email technology has, currency there is no owner of a community. And thus no one can speak as an authority on behalf of digital aureus.

Who manages digital aureus?

Digital aureus is influenced by all as users around the world. Developers to improve the software, but you can force any change of the rules because all users have free choice in the use of the software. To remain compatible with each other, all users must use software that follow the same rules. Therefore, all users and developers have a strong incentive to accept this consensus and to develop further. However, there are additions partners get the changes and developments a pluck lay. Always all users be good investments and product development.

Software development

Consists of an international (India, Eastern Europe, Russia, Germany, Netherlands and Austria) experienced team of specialists. Former software developer, cutter, programmer and Blockchainexprten form the core. Together they bring experience and knowledge, we to can can use successfully perform even the most complex and sophisticated quantitative tasks.

At Digital Aureus, we are not only experts, but also a modern working environment with a modern type of cooperation and communication. Much of the work happens in the virtual office, independently from a fixed location or a specific time. So we make it to support projects with the best experts internationally and in an efficient manner.


The administration team consists of experienced companies which, in cooperation with the other contact persons, bring the teams up to date and reconcile the coordination.

All administrative tasks are distributed to the respective specialists, which are currently distributed to the Netherlands and Germany.

Due to the high flexibility and the aim to do justice to the decentralization of the project, the contact persons adapt themselves to the project progress.

Product support

Product support and distribution is provided by dedicated partners in support, sales and customer care.

Depending on the status of the project, additional partners are gained or exchanged, so that there is no too strong bond to a company. This is later important for going public, so that high-performance project supporters can get involved accordingly.

Support in the area of exchanges and platforms as well as project partners is provided in Germany and the Netherlands. Inquiries and tasks with a high manpower requirement are usually taken over by our partners in Asia.


Digital Aureus is particularly proud of the investors who made the project possible. We are particularly proud that the content and function of the Digital Aureus has been heard by many very powerful investors and that we have been promised double-digit amounts without ICO funding.

The current realization and transfer of the project to the ICO has already inspired investors from Asia, Germany and Austria. These include well-known companies from the automotive and manufacturing industries.

The owners and users of the Digital Aureus can be sure before the launch that a high value secures the project content. Rarely it happens that an ICO can only leave investors with a certain sum in the project. The important aspect is for interested parties who want to get involved in Digital Aureus in the future, what added value you can give the project, regardless of the investment amount.