With a realistic appreciation in value, our customer incentive kick-back programms to stabilise the price and the overall advantage of the paired credit card that is globally accepted, will make sure it is possible to increase the value of the coins significantly.


    • Demand for tokens will grow as the userbase expands. Digital Aureus will be available for purchase on all the major exchanges and on the DA exchange. To get access to Digital Aureus services, users will buy tokens pushing the price higher until it’s valuation will achieve a balance of supply and demand.
    • The leftover coins after the ICO will be reserved for the extra demand. To stabilise the price, we are only going to sell max. 50% of the excess demand.
    • DA offers incentives for customer loyalty and engagement. When purchasing goods and services with the DA MasterCard, 5-7 % of the amount spent will be refunded and 2 % overhead for new customer.
    • We will not create any new tokens after the DA crowd sale. There is a limited amount of DA coins that will be released.
    • In order to obtain and use the Crypto Credit Card the user needs to deposit DA tokens in the system.
    • Team tokens will be held in escrow for 3 months: Team and community tokens will not be transferable for 3 months and will be available to use only within the Digital Aureus-system.  The absence of “free money” sellers will prevent the tokens price drop that commonly happens after getting listed on exchanges.
    • 20 % of Digital Aureus profit from the revenue / cashback of MasterCard will be used to buy tokens on the exchange.